Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor

What if I was real, raw, and true? // Ep. #19

February 07, 2023 Ashley Mondor Episode 19
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
What if I was real, raw, and true? // Ep. #19
Show Notes

This episode is on the heels of a REALLY powerful breakthrough I had while at Tracy Litt's Powerhouse 2023 women's luxury immersion retreat. What I experienced was deep, deep healing that finally clicked into place (that I've been working on for frickin' YEARS).

This is why you need to meet your edges. It's why community is so damn important. Why creating safety in your body is paramount. Alrighty, ready to follow me into my breakthrough? I hope it supports you in some way.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • My journey with Tracy Litt (and why I was so intimidated by her).
  • The HUGE breakthrough I had around receivership from my first women's retreat facilitated by Tracy and how that fundamentally changed my life.
  • What I had to heal in order to be a match for Nikolai's deeeep level of love in partnership.
  • What my body presented during Vaughn's breathwork session that I thought I healed in talk therapy.
  • My extremely narrow focus of pleasure, and what pleasure truly is (at least to me).
  • The breakthrough I had in my body during an experience Whitney Tougas led us through during her transcendental orgasm teaching.
  • The damage of putting yourself last.
  • Tracy's podcast, The How of Within, why she launched it, and the epiphany she gave me that made my jaw drop!
  • My healing with Courtney Beck at the end of 2022 that was the very first thread of the unraveling of so much of my subconscious programming around being of service.
  • Why I don't take it personally when clients have breakthroughs with other healers or coaches when I've been supporting them with the exact same message.

Connect with four incredible healers:

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