Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor

Courtney Beck: Channeling deities, bending reality, and finding your purpose // Ep. #15

October 24, 2022 Ashley Mondor Episode 15
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
Courtney Beck: Channeling deities, bending reality, and finding your purpose // Ep. #15
Show Notes

What if you could work with the spirit world to remove everything from anxiety, negative beliefs, and curses, to amplifying confidence, creativity, and courage? I'm SO frickin' excited to bring the one, the only, Courtney Beck, my friend and trusted healer to your ears today!

Courtney Beck is an Intuitive, Healer, and Channel who works with souls all over the world on their spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. Formerly a Strategist in Advertising, Courtney's 2016 spiritual awakening saw her jump off the corporate ladder and into the space of spirits and the supernatural influences in our lives. 

Her speciality is in opening up the Self so the Soul and Spirit can shine through, and her channeled books written with the help of her guides allow her to share all of the wisdom she has been taught by her spirit friends. 

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Courtney's journey from solving problems for big brands to meeting her spirit guide and having her world rocked.
  • The badass way she met her wife and how Courtney knew she was the one.
  • How the spirit world views soulmates.
  • When Courtney met an exit point and how she negotiated with her guides to stay on the planet.
  • How she lives differently now because of her near-death experience and when her next exit point is slated.
  • Her advice to people who ask themselves, "Who am I to have support from beings like ascended masters, gods, goddesses, etc.?"
  • The clues that lead you to the major being in the spirit world who oversees your souls' journey.
  • How to call on spirit and what blocks our connection.
  • Her advice on finding your purpose.
  • How she protects herself from lower energetic entities, wandering souls, and the spirits' advice on nightmares.
  • The 3 words her guides gave that act as a "magic off switch" of the mind that shifts you into power, clarity, and soul alignment.
  • How Ouija can support the activation of your gifts and the unfolding of your soul's path.

Connect with Courtney:

  • Check out the EPIC wisdom she shares on Instagram.
  • Visit her website to book a healing or to download her incredible channeled books.
  • Join Ouija which is a private group for souls of any level or age to grow through recorded healings, channeled messages, and meditations. 

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