Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor

Faryl Moore: Shift your energy to enhance your life // #25

May 15, 2023 Ashley Mondor Episode 25
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
Faryl Moore: Shift your energy to enhance your life // #25
Show Notes

How's your energy lately? Do you feel sluggish, foggy, quick to frustration or anger? What tools or rituals do you have in place to take care of your precious energy? If you don't have any, or, if you've fallen out of practice -- this episode is for you! Faryl is gifting you with specific ways to support the shifting of your energy so you can enhance your quality of life and expand into more impact, abundance, and joy. πŸ’›

Meet Faryl Moore
Faryl Moore is a certified Associate Pranic Healer using Pranic Healing techniques to remove blocks, traumas, negative energies, and thought forms that hold women back from achieving their purpose and intentions in the world. Her work helps to access the deep energetic shifts necessary to improve and transform physical, emotional, and mental health exponentially. She specializes in elevating women using her intentional reframe, allowing her to successfully remove the blocks so her clients realize their potential!

What you'll learn from our episode:

  • What Pranic Healing is vs Reiki Healing.
  • Faryl's energetic hygiene practices.
  • How energetic attachments work and how they can impact you.
  • How to cut energy cords.
  • Two pivotal keys to remember when cord cutting.
  • How to tell if your Chakra centers are congested or voided.
  • How to clean and balance your energy. (This is gooooood!)
  • The healing magic of trees.
  • How to begin removing energy blocks around prosperity and abundance.
  • How your beliefs play a role in your blocks.
  • Stepping into your power as a lightworker.
  • A loving way to communicate to potential clients who are not an energetic match for your practice.
  • How to shield your energy in order to protect you from negative attachments.
  • Reframing and loving the shadow / darkness.
  • Tapping into the frequency of joy!

Connect with Faryl:

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