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Matthew Rife: Healing with electromagnetic frequencies // Ep. #21

March 13, 2023 Ashley Mondor Episode 21
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
Matthew Rife: Healing with electromagnetic frequencies // Ep. #21
Show Notes

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

If I could have dinner with any person (dead or alive) - I've always wanted to sit across from Nikola Tesla. Let me tell you how I SCREAMED when I came across Matthew Rife, whose relative collaborated with Tesla to create technology in the 1920s which was used to address various health concerns!

Something wild happened to Dr. Royal Rife's tech (you'll learn more about that in the episode), but now, Matthew has decided to take this 70+ year family secret and boldly bring it to the world so that more people have access to innovative wellness solutions.
Because, we're electrical beings. Wouldn't it make sense to harness the electromagnetic fields found naturally on Earth to heal?

Meet Matthew Rife
As a relative of Dr. Royal Rife, Matthew Rife inherited his Uncle Roy’s proprietary journals, notes, formulas and blueprints. At a very young age, Matt was gifted with exceptional mechanical ability and took an interest in Dr. Rife’s manuscripts. He quickly vaulted into learning more about mechanics, electrical and structural engineering, math, physics and theory creation.

Using Dr. Rife’s journals and all of the knowledge acquired through his studies, Matt took on the heavy task of resurrecting his uncle’s machine – the REAL Rife Machine. Together with his business partner, Hunter Samakool, Matthew seeks to change the world, starting with transforming the health tech industry. He currently lives on the Gulf Coast and spends his free time fishing, being in nature, and focusing on humanitarian related projects.

What you'll learn from our episode:

  • The DIVINE way Matthew came into my life.
  • Who Dr. Royal Raymond  Rife is and how his therapeutic technology helps.
  • Why he doesn't use the word "cure".
  • Why Matthew is the first Rife in the family to step out of the shadows of secrecy with this world-changing tech.
  • How he's protecting his research, formulas, and blueprints from being destroyed.
  • How he's making his Rife Machines accessible.
  • Nature, the frequency of love, and how we can absorb it.
  • Healy technology vs Rife Technology.
  • What Matthew was doing with his life before creating the Rife Machine.
  • The heart-breaking catalyst that shifted Matthew onto this path.
  • His vision for the future of our world and how he's doing his part.

Connect with Matthew:

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