Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor

Whitney Tougas: Reawakening your limitless pleasure // Ep. #20

February 21, 2023 Ashley Mondor Episode 20
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
Whitney Tougas: Reawakening your limitless pleasure // Ep. #20
Show Notes

Ooooh! This episode with Whitney is DEEP. Because of societal narratives, the topics we dive into are typically seen as taboo. But, pleasure is our intrinsic birthright. You exist because of the incredible power of sexual connection. And, we want to give you access to information that can support you in removing the blocks keeping you from experiencing a powerful gift that has the ability to heal and transform you as a woman.

This is the new paradigm of pleasure and it's time to reclaim your sexual power.

Meet Whitney Tougas:
Whitney is an intimacy and pleasure coach, speaker, and facilitator, teaching women with vulvas (and other humans) how to experience life-changing, transcendent orgasms, heal through radical full expression and sexual integration, and live performance-free and fully seen. 

She believes sexuality and relationships offer opportunities for deep healing, expansion, and self-actualization, and that most humans never scratch the surface of their birthright pleasure and innate sexual power… but that everyone can.

Whitney is the creator of the School of Sexual Sorcery and co-creator of Women Who Roar. In addition to her pleasure and intimacy work, she works with transgender women as a voice and expression coach.

What you'll learn from our episode:

  • Whitney's journey to her work as an intimacy and pleasure coach.
  • Her GORGEOUS definition of pleasure.
  • The rock-bottom experience that became the catalyst that changed her and tuned her into her body.
  • How she incorporates pleasure into her daily life (steal her tips)!
  • What grounds her in continuing to offer work in the world that our society considers taboo.
  • Her mindset around triggering people (especially after one of her videos went viral).
  • Whitney's delicious definition of a transcendental orgasm.
  • How you can begin to bring in more orgasmic energy into your life.
  • The societal conditioning women wire in and how that translates to pleasure, partnerships, and receivership.
  • Whitney's new pleasure paradigm that I hope every woman takes to heart.
  • The five transformational orgasms she teaches in her School of Sexual Sorcery program, and the deeper work she guides you through to unlocking your body's full potential for healing and transcendent pleasure. 
  • "What if I've never experienced an orgasm? Is this for me?" 
  • The profound healing power of women in community.

Connect with Whitney:

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