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Nicole Janton: Transmuting anxiety // Ep. #17

December 14, 2022 Ashley Mondor Episode 17
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
Nicole Janton: Transmuting anxiety // Ep. #17
Show Notes

You know that feeling of pressure in your chest? The worry, apprehension, and nervousness that floods your body?

When your mind creates chaos for your body to handle? It's a loop that can feel hard to break out of when you're trapped in the moment. My guest, Nicole Janton, knows the journey well and she has resources to share with you!

Nicole helps highly-sensitive, high-achieving women create alignment in their mind, body, and soul so they can ditch anxiety for ease and flow in their life’s calling. After years of suffering chronic anxiety and panic attacks, and coping with antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medications with no relief, she finally found healing through nontraditional modalities and is passionate about making alternative approaches more accessible to all. 

Instead of seeing anxiety as a mental illness, she views it from the perspective of the whole self to help others heal the root of their suffering and find inner peace. Her mission is to help those with anxiety ditch the panic and pressure so they can achieve their ambitions from a place of presence and peace. She shares tips, tricks, and inspiration on her podcast, Anxious & Ambitious.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Nicole's journey from landing her dream job supporting seniors with dementia to leaping into freedom with dreams of impact.
  • What it took for her to quit her dream job and how she handled the tidal waves of anxiety.
  • Nicole's rituals for navigating her subconscious triggers and any feelings of scarcity or doubt when they pop up.
  • Hypnotherapy as the gateway to Beyond Quantum Healing and the cosmic breakthrough she had. (So you know, in hypnotherapy, the somnambulistic state is said to be one of heightened awareness and heightened responsiveness to suggestion.)
  • How she controlled her physical experience and what she learned from her potent BQH sessions.
  • Channeling healing modalities through BQH.
  • Hypnosis for those who don't believe in spirituality.
  • Nicole's childhood as a highly sensitive being who could see beyond the veil.
  • Preventing high level experiences of anxiety through her surround, ground, and shield exercise.
  • The inspiration for her podcast, Anxious & Ambitious, and how her body reacted in order to keep her safe from sharing her story.
  • A love note for you if you're considering starting a podcast.

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