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Bethany Clemenson: I watched dreams die // Ep. #16

November 21, 2022 Ashley Mondor Episode 16
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
Bethany Clemenson: I watched dreams die // Ep. #16
Show Notes

What's a dream on your heart that you've shoved down because it goes against everything you've been taught? Or, maybe you've never really allowed yourself to dream outside of what's prescribed to you from society? What would it take for you to create a life that's authentic to you, your desires, and what your own definition of success is? My guest today is going to be super expansive for you!

Bethany Clemenson is a dual certified Leadership Coach, International Speaker, Author, and Registered Nurse who exchanged her stress-filled life for one created on her terms. Today she helps others do the same!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Bethany's religious conditioning and how she couldn't measure up.
  • The catalyst that freed her from the abusive relationship she was in.
  • How she met the love of her life and how she knew he was the "the one."
  • What brought them to the brink of divorce and how they repaired their marriage.
  • The dreams they co-created with their children and what it took to bring them to reality.
  • Bethany's advice if you're struggling in your marriage.
  • What it took for her to make the leap to freedom and living on her own terms.
  • Bethany's childhood and what her parents believed would make them happy and fulfilled.
  • The key difference Bethany has found in her work for people who live an authentic life.
  • The vibrant woman she met in her senior living community who changed her view of dying with regrets.
  • One of the first things she learned when she moved her family into an RV to travel across the country.
  • Her word for the year that guides her life.

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