Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor

Healing jealousy // Ep. #12

September 19, 2022 Ashley Mondor Episode 12
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
Healing jealousy // Ep. #12
Show Notes

I haven't really  struggled with jealousy until I started a business. When there are things you DEEPLY desire, but can't have for whatever reason, and then you see others have it?! *Cue* the low-self worth, self-doubt, victim mentality, and downward spiral into your own personal self-loathing hell.

Envious thoughts surge through your brain like: But, I've been doing this longer! Why can't I have that, too? They have _____, so of course they'll ____ (sell out their offers, make a bajillion dollars, be invited on to THAT podcast). I'm doing EXACTLY what they're doing! What's wrong with me!? It's because they're ____. That's why they're successful. I'm not ____ enough like ____, so I'll never ____.

In this sexy little bite-sized episode, I'm shifting jealousy for you so that it frees you, helps you heal, and opens your heart to what's possible. Enjoy! :)

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • How my friend and soul brother, Matt Clemmer, sparked this topic.
  • How I felt righteously justified in my jealousy through judgement.
  • How I view triggers and why I LOVE them.
  • A powerful quote from Melanie Ann Layer that shifted the energetics of feeling triggered for me.
  • How epic mirror neurons are.
  • One of the prime directives of your subconscious mind and why it's SO critical to know this single piece of information.
  • How to shift envy in a way that opens your heart and elevates your vibrational frequency.
  • (When I say death of any kind, we go through many, many death and rebirth cycles in your life!)

Links + resources:

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  • Receive my Ground with Gaia meditation set to the 432 Solfeggio Frequency as my gift. 
  • Ready to go deeper into your heart? Join Devotion, my open-hearted community that gifts you the golden key to unlocking the gateway to your soul.

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