Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor

Heart to Heart: Stacie // Ep. #6

June 24, 2022 Ashley Mondor Episode 6
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
Heart to Heart: Stacie // Ep. #6
Show Notes

I'm bringing you behind-the-scenes into my Heart to Heart sessions, and I'm both so excited and SUPER nervous because I'm opening my work and my heart to the world. Some of these sessions will stay anonymous and others will give you the opportunity to directly connect to my client from. The most important thing to note is that I've been given consent to share these sessions.

Also, I hold space for all walks of life, all pain, fears, wounds, stuck or stagnant places, broken hearts, joy, and magic. You'll hear long pauses in these sessions because I'm energetically holding the space for my client to process. If silence makes you feel uncomfortable, breathe.

I ask that you listen with an open mind. If you feel a judgement surface, sit with it. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, sit with it. If you ever feel triggered, pause and breathe. There's healing there for you if you allow it.

If you're in the coaching or healing space, you may do something massively differently than me, and that's okay. We're all here to do the work of our soul. Thank you for holding space for Stacie and I to dig deep. :)

Note: Stacie's primarily coming to this session focused on visibility in her business. When we're discussing what "she" or "her" would do, we're referencing her higher self or soul. We also talk about being a "Projector" which is a term used in Human Design that's based on a specific energy archetype. If you'd like to learn your Human Design type, visit this site.

To learn more and to book your Heart to Heart session with me, click here.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Fear and utilizing the slingshot theory.
  • When we constantly seek validation and how to shift into personal power.
  • Being devoted to your work in the world.
  • Simone Seol's Garbage Post marketing challenge for content creation, imperfect action, and rewiring content value in your brain.
  • Simplifying your business so you take action and start serving today.
  • My energetic commitment as a teacher, healer, and guide in my community, Devotion.
  • Marketing from a place of fun, levity, and passion that's magnetic.

Connect with Stacie:
Stacie Belleau is a transformation coach helping women step boldly into their second act of life with vision, passion and joy. She believes that the only crises in midlife is the fact that you think it's a crisis.  As a certified Mind Magic ™️ Practitioner, Stacie holds space in group and 1:1 VIP coaching programs. 

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  • Ready to go deeper into your heart? Join Devotion, my open-hearted community that gifts you the golden key to unlocking the gateway to your soul.

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