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Christine Agha: Loss re-awakened my Mediumship gifts // Ep. #3

June 01, 2022 Ashley Mondor Episode 3
Free Your Heart with Ashley Mondor
Christine Agha: Loss re-awakened my Mediumship gifts // Ep. #3
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Ahhhh! I can't wait for you to meet my friend and soul sister, Christine Agha! She's an NLP Mindset Coach, Energy Healer and Medium. She works with mums, women in business, and women in leadership roles who struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, being highly sensitive or feel like they can’t control their emotions. She's passionate about supporting women to master and manage their energy and emotions, heal, rewire their mindset for success and awaken their intuition so that they can show up each day as the best version of themselves. 

For the last nine years, she has empowered hundreds of women to heal from their past, connect with their inner guidance system and achieve Emotional Mastery to take back control of their mind, body and their life. 

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Christine's spiritual awakening journey.
  • The difference between Soul Psychology and PSYCH-K.
  • How loss re-awakened her Mediumship gifts.
  • What channeling felt like for her.
  • The death message Christine received.
  • Generational healing: Christine's grandmothers' cup reading gifts in Sudan and why she stopped sharing her messages.
  • Her mission on the planet. (It's gorgeous!!)
  • Some of the incredible breakthroughs her clients have while working with her. 🤯

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Hello, and welcome to the Free Your Heart podcast. I'm your host and heart healer, Ashley Mondor. And, I’m here to serve as your guide while bringing you nourishing conversations, wisdom, and channeled messages that support your healing journey to wholeness and unconditional love. It's my hope that this podcast and the stories shared with you inspire you, expand you, and align you to the profound understanding of not only who you are, but for what's possible for you as you heal and open your heart.

And with that said, I invite you to get comfortable, unclench your jaw, and release any tension you're holding in your body. Now take a deep breath in with love for yourself and for this heart-to-heart connection. And, when you're ready, let's dive in.

Hello and welcome! Before I share with you this incredible woman, I wanted to give you a little bit of insight into who she is. She’s my friend who lives in Australia, and I met her in a Facebook group focused on powerful women and really leading yourself towards what it is that you desire. Basically, we connected and hit it off, and she's been in my life ever since, and truly, she feels like soul family.

Meet my friend, Christine, she's an NLP Mindset Coach, energy healer, and a Medium. Christine works with moms and women in business, in leadership roles who struggle with anxiety, depression, anger being highly sensitive, or when they feel like they can't control their emotions. She’s passionate about supporting women to master and manage their energy and emotions to heal and rewire their mindset for success and awaken their intuition so that they can show up each and every day as the best version of themselves. 

For the last nine years, Christina's empowered hundreds of women to heal from their past connect with our inner guidance system and achieve emotional mastery to take back control of their mind, body and their life.

I truly can't wait to share this episode with you because she is incredible. Her energy is vibrant, and the stories she has to share with you are going to blow your mind. I can't wait for you to meet my friend, Christine. Welcome into the episode.

Oh, my gosh. I'm so excited. I have one of my very good friends, Christine here with me today. I can't even tell you like how freaking excited I am to sit across from you and share your story because, oh my God, you found me. I found you across the internet randomly, and now I see you once a month because I love you so much. And, I love being in your energy and having you here. Is everything to me. Christine, where do you live? 

I'm in Australia and I am so excited to be here with you. I was so excited and I feel so honored that you asked me to come on and have this conversation. Thank you. 

Oh my gosh. So, you know, living in Australia, I live in Minnesota, so great. Somehow, we found each other, and part of the thing is, is about our energy. We were in resonance because of how our hearts connected and how light our energies. Really, this is how we make the world better is by connecting with other healers and people who resonate with us. I'd love to hear, where did your journey start? How did you get to be in business and what, what is it that you had to navigate to be here. 

 That's such a great question. It all started for me, my personal development, spiritual growth journey started when I gave birth. After I gave birth to my two boys, so that was about 11 years ago now, I suffered from postnatal depression, and severe anxiety after quite a traumatic experience with my youngest son, where he stopped breathing for a few minutes, and it was just horrible, but he's okay. Thank God. And he's here and that's amazing. 

That triggered really severe anxiety for me. So, I had pretty much had a breakdown, um, went to see a psychologist. I was working with my psychologist for about a year and I would go and bring her all of this homework that she never gave me because I was so obsessed with personal development. Eventually she said to me, you should become a life coach. You should look at becoming a life coach.

I didn't even know what a life coach was. That’s where my journey began. I started with life coaching and then throughout my journey, I gradually met people that I studied with, and then I would add new modalities to my practice so that I could better serve people, but it was not only to serve people.

I wanted to come out of that experience medication free. That was my mission. That was my intention. And I did it! And the fact that I did it, yes, the fact that. Made me want to support as many women on the planet as I could, that was struggling with that. I didn't need to be medication free for them, but they just needed to know that there was another way, because I also healed from so many physical ailments and conditions with energy work and acupuncture.

I'm not just saying it's just one thing. It just wasn't, it wasn't just coaching. But there was like, if you look at us as a whole being. I remember the doctor saying to me with one of my physical conditions, I couldn't stand on my feet for more than five minutes at a time without excruciating pain.

I just remember her saying to me, “Pretty much the only thing that you can do is either get a cortisone injection and just manage it with pain medication for the rest of your life.” And I was like, “No, that's not going to happen.” I started searching for other methods on how I could heal. That's where I learned one of my modalities, Soul Psychology, because a friend of mine took me through my own journey, and she coached me and used the modality and I healed completely. I was also having acupuncture as well, but the energy work, and the depths of the healing that we went to… I accessed memories I didn't even know that I had. I knew that there was something in this, and having someone hold space for me like that, you know, it’s so amazing for coaches and healers. 

You would know. To be a client. To be in the seat of a client because you get to see what's possible when you get to heal the things that are so deep inside of you. You are able to hold a whole new level of space for your own clients. I was seeing this beautiful cycle of my healing and then holding space for others to heal. 

My journey has the healing and it never stops. The growth never stops. Not to say that you can't also connect to the consciousness that you are whole and healed because we completely are when we connect to that. But, we are also beings that grow and evolve continuously.

There's always more work to do. You find over time that sometimes it's not as heavy as it used to be - it gets much easier. You kind of are more courageous to face the challenges when they arise. Did that answer your question of where it all started? 

Yeah, that was so good! I have this belief that we’re called to be healers for a reason, right? Especially, when it's so heavy and so deep and you have to navigate so much, but when you heal, it's like a spiral upwards. You will meet new levels or areas where there are triggers or old wounds. And every time you heal it and love yourself more, it's like the trigger or the energetic charge around it lessens.

Then, you in-turn can hold such a beautiful space for other people, especially when, you know, with integrity, what that pain is like, or a similar one that you've had to carry in your heart, your body, and your energy. I'm so proud of you for what you've gone through and how you've gotten here. I was going to ask you, what are some of the modalities or the tools that you work with, with your client? 

I started with life coaching with different coaching models and NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming is one of them. Matrix Therapies is also another one that I use as well as Soul Psychology and PSYCH-K. So, it’s a few. But, they all work really beautifully together. In any given session, I'm using at least three modalities in each session, which makes it so fun for me. ‘Cause I get bored really easily and it keeps it interesting for me as well. 

Oh, I feel that so deeply. It's part of the reason why I got into this work. Because I'm like, oh my God. I can sit with different people every day and they're going to come with different things that they need to work on. It's the variety and the vibrancy. I totally feel you! Can I ask you because I've had a session with you and I loved it. And I 10 out of 10, highly recommend sitting across from Christine, and her gifts, and the tools she uses and the potency of them. But, what is the difference between Soul Psychology and psych. PSYCH-K? 

With Soul Psychology, I'm taking you through a longer process. It's very set out. There's a foundation for it. Each session kind of starts somewhere and end somewhere with the healings at the end. I muscle test and get information and we'd go through a really beautiful assessment where the energies that were blocked then clear. PSYCH-K is very much intuitive.

I’m working with what's coming up for you and then pinpointing where the healing takes place. I'm doing more of the work with the PSYCH-K when we're working together. The Soul Psychology is very much working like with a huge folder. I'm going through a process, and then I use my questioning techniques to help prompt and get you to go into the depths of where you need to get to.

So, the PSYCH-K energy balancing and the Soul Psychology energy clearing. I don't know if it really is the difference between those things. Anyway, I just like to see all those ones with the energy healing and the mindset. It's like, you know, it's all somehow one and whole, and all of these modalities you can get to everywhere with the different modalities, right?

They're just a tool to help anyone get to a level of deeper healing within themselves and home. We didn't talk about the Mediumship either. Mediumship is another aspect of my sessions, which is so funny that I left that out, but we will get to that. 

As we shift into that, I'm curious, because I know we've had discussions about you honoring the title of Medium and some of the things you've had to walk through from a mindset standpoint to really lead with that. What shifted for you to be able to say, “I am a medium, I have these gifts!” What were some of the fears or the things that you've had to navigate to honor this title? 

We had a discussion about a month ago and I was ready to just like throw it all in. And I was like, I'm just, you know what? The Mediumship just feels so hard right now because I was focusing on how is it going to build my business? I was focusing on building the business and working with all the other modalities, which feels like this is an old pattern that I drop into. Which feels so much simpler? All of the other modalities versus the Mediumship, because it’s just me.

As a Medium, I'm opening my body and my mind as a complete vessel to spirit and receiving. It's not like I'm using muscle testing and using a book. I found that I'm not even having a conversation yet with the client, because before I get into a Mediumship session, I will sit down 10-minutes before and connect to spirit and they all come forward before I even see the client.

It's setting the intention and tapping into intentionally their energy. So, it's a very different process and like anything new, it feels scary. The more you do it, the less challenging, the easier it becomes. I hadn't given myself the chance to really continue to develop it as much as I wanted because I was spreading myself too thin.

I've got the two kids, I'm a mum, there's the house to look after, the business, all of these different things, right? Which I love at the same time. But it just felt too hard. When we were talking, I was like, “No, it just, it feels so hard. And I can't see how it integrates with my work.”

That was the question that I kept having. How does it integrate with what I already do? I feel like it's so separate. I have worked through that which led me to the point of actually being able to say, “I am a Medium,” and also not being attached to that identity as well, which is a huge part of it.

I was brought up as Catholic, so it felt like it was against my religion. Now I don't identify as any religion. I just feel like a spiritual being who is connected to spirit. And, I believe what feels in alignment with my soul. That's how I move through life now. I don't attach or identify as any sort of religion.

Growing up for that many years, there’s a part of you for so long that it can feel like, oh, you know, I'm sinning, I'm going to get punished for this. This is a sin. I shouldn't be doing this. And things I used to hear was like, “This is the devil's work!” Where did that all actually come from?

How it all started was, I know I'm going back, but I feel like I just need to, to just drop how, like all parts of the journey. This would have been a few years ago, my dad passed away and I started tuning in and I would hear voices in my head, and I would feel light and the love of the energy of what I was channeling. The words were not my own.

I knew that they were not coming from me. I would ask a question and get pages of answers. The answers were so loving. Like there was no distortion, there was no resistance. It was all love. The most beautiful experiences that I'd ever had with being in these spaces where I was channeling these answers which felt like they were just coming from the divine. 

I didn't quite pinpoint where they were coming from at the time. In the meditation, I was called to connect with a lady that I'd connected with a year before. We weren't friends or anything like that. She was just in a training with me.

We'd barely even spoke. So, I connected with her on messenger and I was like, “I just felt really called to connect with you… This is what happened.” And she's like, “Oh, let's jump on a call. I'd love to have a conversation!” We jumped on a call together and we became best friends. Soul sisters. We were coaching each other, and you know, in a coaching relationship, you bear it all.

She knew all of the parts of me, and we would coach and us just deepen in our relationship because of our connection. She taught me how to hone my Mediumistic abilities. She was using me as a Guinea Pig as well, and I was loving it because we were helping each other. It was a win-win for both of us.

Also, after the channeling, I was still seeing spirits. I was hearing them, I was delivering messages in my sessions. I was getting people's names, and it was amazing - I just never knew it was possible. I remember a point in time where I came out of a session and dropped to my knees in tears because I was amazed. I kept saying to myself, “Who am I? Who am I to receive this? Who am I? I'm not anyone. Is this real? How do I embrace this and remain humble about what the process, the journey, and the experiences of what is actually happening in my reality right now?” Because it just felt so good. Too good to be true. And it was happening so organically because there was no effort.

Ari taught me how to create a strategy around it and feel really good. And we cleared so many fears. We did ancestral healing, paths of healing, so many different things so that I was able to go in and have these Mediumship sessions. I was connecting with my dad, with my grandmother, with loved ones that had passed away in meditations.

I could see them, I could feel them. I could hear them. It was incredible! My dad woke me up once and he was standing next to my bed. The experiences with Spirit were just phenomenal. Then, Ari passed away and my world around the Mediumship and spirituality at that level… I feel that that was a big part of the disconnect that I had.

The Mediumship, because I didn't feel like I had my person anymore to support me. And, my husband was also one of my people. It's very different when you have someone who is also a psychic. You're able to heal each other, and just be there, and hold each other, and just really go through the journey at that deep level together.

Her loss really tore a few things apart for me. I think that's a big part of what I needed to work through. It took me away from embracing the Mediumship because I felt like I lost my person, even though I still connected with her, I still connect with her and that kind of thing. Did you want to ask me anything before I keep going?

That was gorgeous. That was so flow. Thank you! 

I'll go into when, after we had a conversation, and one of the huge things as well that, I worked through... But, I'll talk about more as we go. After we got off the phone, I was like, “Right. That's it. No more Mediumship. I even printed business cards without the title Mediumship.”

Before I went to sleep one night, I was really guided and I asked for clarity around what it is that I need to say that will allow me to get really clear on where I'm supposed to go with. Whether I'm supposed to completely let go of this Mediumship or is there a purpose? I woke up from a dream where a lady pulled a card for me, and I looked at her face, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, she's going to tell me that I'm going to die.”

I said to her, “Did you get a card around my death?” And she said, “Yes.” And I was like, no! My whole world crumbled in that moment. I got so many mixed emotions. I was angry at her. I was like, “How could you even tell me something like this?” Even though she didn't tell me, I asked. I could see what was happening.Hold on a second. Nobody can know that. Nobody has a right to this information. Nobody has the right to tell me something like that. What am I going to do? These are my last days. What I'm actually going to do? Maybe I can use what I know to set an intention and manifest my life to continue?

I was completely paralyzed by all of these thoughts. Then, I woke up and realized it was a dream. I meditated that morning. I wrote down the dream because I always write down my dreams and then I meditated in the morning. It was really clear to me what I received from spirit word for word.

I saw exactly what I needed to see. The only reason, well, not the only reason, but part of the reason that I'm not continuing with offering Mediumship sessions was that I just had too much pressure around them. I was putting too much pressure on myself. I was guided to offer Oracle healings and Mediumship sessions for free once a week for a month and will continue until I'm guided to stop.

I didn't question it because I know. I don't know about you, when I received that kind of guidance, I know that it's true. There's such a knowing that there is no need for me to question it, even if it doesn't make any sense, I'm not going to ask questions. I'm not going to doubt it. I'm just going to do it.

I remember messaging you in the morning, voice messaging, and saying, “This is what happened. I had this dream, and then I had this meditation, and this is what I'm going to do.” And, as I was talking to you, I connected to what happened in that dream and what that dream was showing me was the fear that I still hadn't processed at a deeper level of what my grandmother had experienced.

My grandmother was a cup reader. She used to read the coffee cup in Sudan. She used to read it for the president and she used to read for the whole community. It was her second job. She had people coming in and out of the house all of the time. And, she once read a cup which showed her that someone in the family was going to die.

The next week, my auntie's 17-year-old cousin drowned. People used to love coming to her, but she was also getting really sick physically with ailments and this kind of thing. She had diabetes and some other conditions that were happening. I need to get the wording around this because I got really clear from my auntie.

She’d also read the cup for the president and told him that he was going to get his seat. That they were going to come and turn him over and he'll lose his seat in the government. And they were coming to attack him. The next day they found out who it was, they caught them before they were planning to come the next day.

She was insanely amazing at what she did. How she learned was even more amazing. She learned in a dream! A lady dressed in white had come to her in a dream and taught her how to read the cup.

I remember my dad telling me before he passed away, because he was going to tell me all of these stories before he passed away. So that's how she learned. Her readings were so accurate, and she did so many predictions. I don't love predictions personally, but that's what she did. That was her journey.

Then, a priest came to visit her. From I think Egypt and said to her, “You really need to stop this. You can't be reading the cup. It's not your business to know when people are going to die, and it's not your business to tell anyone, and you're going to get really sick if you continue to do it. If you know the future, it’s not your business, it's God's business. You will be in pain and suffer more than you already are if you continue.”

So, she stopped reading the cup. Oh, and to top it off, after the priest comes to tell her that, she had a dream, and in the dream, she was told that one of her children will be taken away from her, which was probably just coming off the heels of what the priest was saying to her which would happen.

But that scared her enough to stop. I was in meditation a few months back when my grandmother came into the room and into my mind's eye and I could feel her, see her, and I could hear her. And she showed me that she was so sad throughout her life because she wasn't able to use her spiritual gifts. Her gifts had been taken away from her. Well, she'd chosen for them to be taken away or stopped. But can you just imagine that? 

Then, I'm in this place where I'm choosing not to use my gifts for no reason at all. All of these beautiful things came together and I understood what was happening then. After receiving that, I'm going to offer these oracles. Then, I got sick, which is really quite normal for me when I have these massive, massive insights. I got sick for three days, so I didn't offer anything online or anything like that. 

I went to a networking event when I got better, and one of the panelists walked over to me as I was about to walk out and she said to me, “Oh, so you're a Medium? And I said, “Oh yeah, I don't usually lead with that. You know, I do this as well.” Then, all of a sudden, my Crown chakra felt like it opened up and I felt tingling, and I felt all of these people who had passed away step forward behind her. I started to feel really, really warm. I almost froze out of like, how do I even deal with this? And then, I said, do you have a lot of people that have passed away?

Clearly, she came over to me and wanted to have this conversation. So, she said, “Yes, I do.” I kind of see her face frozen, too. I'm sure that she could feel something as well. And, then I told her about the Oracle card readings. Not to need to advertise mind you, they're all gone. They've all been booked out for the month anyway, but she booked straight into a session. That was another sign for me from what happened in that moment because I was like, “Oh! Is it really that hard? No, it's not that hard. The person that's going to come to you if you're going to open up!” My husband always says to me, “Christine, will you ever forget how to ride a bicycle?”

And I'm like, “No.” He's like, “How could you forget something like that? You'll never forget. All you need to do is sit there and it's going to come to you just like it came naturally. Just like how it's always come naturally.” And I was making it harder for myself. We have a tendency to make things harder for ourselves when we don't want to do that. It creates the pressure when it doesn't really need to be so. 

Your husband is so wise. For him to see you so fully and be like, “Christine, come on!” And you're like, “Dang it. You're right.” 

He's my angel. 

Oh, that was so stunning. I can see why you would have fear then, right? Especially if it's passed down through your genealogy and your DNA, and, and her [her grandmother] to come to you, and for her to have a dream and learn how to read cups… To know it's probably her higher self coming to serve and support you and help her carry those gifts through. And then for you to basically get smacked and be like, “Christine. Come on now.” You know? So, you said you booked out your Oracle readings. Have you been seeing a theme come through for those, or are there typical themes that you see with clients in general that you support them with? 

They haven't started, I haven't done one yet because the kids are on holidays. They’re booked in for next week, when they {my children] go back to school, the first ones next week in general. With the Mediumship readings, there's never a theme because everyone has something really different that they're coming with. I do find it interesting that some people are really open and they tell me who they want to connect with.

I'm used to this idea that people don't tell the Medium anything and come and just see what happens. I have a mix of people that come and don't tell me anything. And they make sure that we're not friends on Facebook or Instagram or anything like that. Which I'm totally okay with because actually they're the most fun!

I do like a challenge, just not all the time anyway. So no, there's, there's not a theme, but what I love and what I've integrated as I have been developing throughout my journey and doing more and more sessions is that there is a need for healing. There are things that perhaps were unsaid, issues that didn't feel quite resolved.

And what I love so much about that is that I have the tools for that process of healing, forgiveness and connection to be really empowering. I'm not just, I'm not the one sitting there saying, “Well, this is what they're saying, and this, and this.” I'm actually guiding them through a process where they can connect, and that's been amazing for me to see, because I never thought that was possible where I could guide them through a process and they could feel their loved ones. 

One of my clients felt her grandmother touching her arm while she was in the process with me, another one connected to a dream that she had had where it's almost like she went back into that vision and got to see the rest of the dream, which I thought was incredible because that was very healing for her. That's what she needed. And, then I've just had other people see their loved ones, like in their mind's eye, almost in a way how I receive spirit.

I have noticed that in a lot of the clients that I have, they also have the Medium tendency already within them because it's their openness, they’re such believers, and perhaps they've seen spirit before. When we're in the space together, it almost amplifies the attraction, the spirit is invited to step forward and they get to experience it themselves, too.

I love this because it’s much more empowering for them than for me simply delivering the messages. Not that I'm discounting that or the process because that's amazing in itself, but this feels fun and more purposeful for me personally. They get to have their own experience as well. That’s such a gift.

Christina, you are flipping the light switch on for them to open up to spirit. And it's like, “Well, you have this. Did you just have that experience now?” You know what that feels like for the rest of your life. You see how strong the connection is and for them to calibrate to your energy and feel safe to do so astonishing.

That's so, so lovely, and so true that they flip a switch for themselves. And then they, because I don't know about you, but that's so true when the first time that you feel that connection to spirit and you connect to that expansiveness and that place of space and higher energy and unconditional love, I don't think I ever forget that feeling. And, I know that I spend at least 20-minutes every single day with that feeling. I haven't gone a day without meditating for five years. I live for that feeling. I think it's so important as a coach and a healer that you can connect to that because it really allows you the ability to hold that space for clients as well and that energy. So they feel held while they're going through their own healing. 

Oh, that was perfect. Oh my goodness. My heart. So outside of Mediumship, PSYCH-K, and Soul Psychology, and all these beautiful coaching modalities that you weave together for an incredible healing experience. How would you love to work with people now? What is it that you're offering that you're so excited about so that people can dig more into you and connect with you?

My mission. My absolute mission is to help women awaken their inner guidance system and awaken their intuition so that they can live a soul-led life, so that they can connect to their higher self each and every day in any moment they choose, and to get their own guidance while not being so distracted or looking for the guidance outside of themselves. Because, we have everything that we could ever need access to within us. 

So the one thing that I created, which has ended up becoming my signature program, is my Awaken Your Intuition Immersion. It's a six-week program where you have these live Soul Psychology group healings. But also, I share with you tools, and take you on a journey on that six-weeks to clear any of the fear that you have, any of the resistance that you have within you, that stops you from completely trusting you. 

And, being connected to your soul and opening up to that connection without fear of, you know, for me, it was the “devil's work” or whatever it is. Perhaps there was a time in your life where you were listening to a voice or a nudge and it took you in the wrong direction or you experienced something really horrific. And you made that mean that you can't trust your intuition. 

But that wasn't even your intuition that led you there because you weren't quite familiar with the difference between your ego voice and your intuition. And so we look at all of those kinds of things. What’s beautiful about the Soul Psychology healings is you don't need to be with me live.

You can listen to the replay. My clients who have gone through it, and the women who have gone through it, they continue to go back when they feel called, and you get a deeper healing every time you actually feel it within your body. So that to me feels so surreal. Sounds so surreal. And I still have to pinch myself. Like how does that happen? 

But, it's happened and it works. I know it works, and people realize that they are mediums going through that process. I actually had a lady who channeled her own process for healing and is using it in her practice while going through Awaken Your Intuition Immersion. So that is absolutely my work, aside from my passion of working one-on-one with women and doing the healing sessions.

My God. My heart is just like, “Oh my gosh!” Okay, so, say someone is like, “Christine's energy is everything to me! Everything she just said is something that I want, that I need, that I crave that I can't wait to dig into, what's the best way for them to connect? 

Instagram. Definitely connect with me on Instagram. I know that you're going to have the links for people. Send me a DM. I love having conversations in DMs. I love voice notes! If you want to send me a voice note, I would love to hear your voice. And if not, you can just send me a written message and that's fine. But if you want to connect with me, definitely that's the place to connect with me and, and we can just like move from there. I love it!

I have to say, hearing your voice and having your voice notes… Because we talk to each other all the time, full transparency, because I'm obsessed with this woman. Her voice notes are so bright, and so happy, and you could be having a down day, and she will just immediately bring you up another notch.

And you're going to be like, “Okay, I don't feel and sound good today.” But then [after you talk with her], “Everything is bright. It's magical. I love myself. So please, for the of all things holy, send her a voice note, it's so fun! And, it's much more intimate. It feels like such a connection because it's real. Because you can hear tonality and intonation in [her voice] and feel her energy.

Please connect with her. And before I set you free Christine, I have a question for you. Can we take a deep breath in exhale and we ground into this moment? I'd love for you to share a message from your heart.

I'm going to take it on a couple of breaths.

Do you know, the thing that's coming through is just to connect with your soul each and every day and realize that you are not just a body. You are not just a human, but you are a spirit. You are a soul in your body and you will always feel completeness and wholeness. When you realize that you are so much more than you think you are with the human mind. You are everything and everything is you. Everything love. Everything unity. Everything wholeness. Everything complete. Everything peace. Every flavor of love that you can ever imagine, or you've ever felt. You have all of those things within your being.

You are so flow state. That was stunning! And I can't wait to pull snippets out because that was incredible. Oh, Christine, thank you so much for being with me, for being with us. And I can't wait for people to connect with your beautiful energy. I'm so, so grateful. Thank you for being with me. I love you so much.

I love you so much. And can I say everything that you see in me? I see in you, and I love you so much. You are my soul sister. Every time I see your glowing face, and you're shining energy, you bring light into my life. You are one of those people that I know I will hear and want to look at, follow, and talk to, and I want to be in your energy every day for the rest of my life. Anyone that gets to know you is the luckiest person. Thank you. I love you. We just need teleportation. When does that happen?

Oh, thank you so much, Christine. And I can't wait for people to connect with you. I love you so much and I hope you have a beautiful day. 

You too. Thank you. 

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